About us

Ronda Jones is state licensed and an internationally board certified electrologist. Additionally, she has earned several other degrees and certifications in related, as well as unrelated fields.

Ronda prides herself in genuinely caring for her clients, their welfare and their pocketbooks. She believes in educating her clients in any manner needed.

Ronda assists in teaching Permanent Make-Up courses at her office for Forever Beautiful owned by Janice Eyerly of St. Mary's, Ga. Working in compliance of the Forsyth County Health Department, we offer clients permanent make-up at very affordable rates. This includes areola reconstruction for cancer patients, as well as scar relaxation.

Dr. Stephen Leighton has generously agreed to be Ronda's medical director. This is voluntary option by Ronda to enhance services. Dr. Leighton has been extremely involved with the needy for many years.

Ronda was a Certified Professional Electrologist from 1995-2016